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Thread: My business card

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    My business card

    One of my business cards, hopefully I'll get it printed.
    Zaoris business card1 by ~zaoris on deviantART
    "Natura non contristatur"

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    it's nice

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    I have just designed one and printed it.

    Yours is nice btw.

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    i like to see zaoris's card on plastic - that would be sweet
    Richard Gray
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    My BusinessCard - Ignore the other things lol.

    Zaoris yours is awesome - were will you go to get em done with the rounded edges?
    JaysGirl Designs - Available for work

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    Thanks everyone.
    That's what everyone said...what am I gonna do with the rounded edges?
    Well, I really like it like that, I'm bored of most rectangled business cards, so tried something different. It should be plastic, dunno where, but I have to find a place where they'll do it.
    "Natura non contristatur"

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    You have die cut at the printers for the round edges

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    I'm able to get 1000 business cards with rounded corners for about $150.00 (not including shipping).

    Is there anyone else here who can get them for less? I'm just curious.
    Christina Wilkinson
    Sabre Design

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