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Thread: Community Blog

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    Community Blog


    I am still needing members who would be interested in adding to the community blog.

    Graphic Design & Web Design Forum Blog

    PM me if interested.

    I have made it a little easier to take posts from here and direct them to the blog with alot of exposure.

    By using the Digg tool you can digg the story, add a description then press the blog it button and it will post the story direct to the blog with a digg it option under the story meaning hundreds of people will see the post and maybe subscribe if interested in the content.

    Then all you have to do is edit the post on the blog and say what you want or post an image etc.

    I would appreciate the help as I think we showcase enough interesting stuff here to have quite an informal blog.



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    I started a blog and made like 2 posts and never went back to it, they take patience
    Raoul Duke
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    you can post to blogger direct with the google toolbar
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolly View Post
    you can post to blogger direct with the google toolbar
    and scribefire, it's got many much options
    "I don't build sites that validate, I prefer to charge the client extra when they break!"

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