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Thread: Tips to make static website?????

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    Tips to make static website?????

    Suggest me some best tips to make website.........can anyone help me out????????
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    Judging from the post: Hire.

    English speakers. Web developer. Writer. Marketer. Strategist. Hire. Hire. Hire. Hire. Hire.

    Once you've decided you don't need any of those, get some visual web tool that hides the enormous rat's nest of browser baffling code you're churning out. Then wonder why nobody buys or visits and you don't rank on search engines. (Even when it looks good an loads on your own home computer)

    After somewhere between two and three years of this -- hire someone for pennies. Have them repeat 80% of the marketing, writing, strategy, design and basic business blunders -- but reduce the code monstrosity by about half. It still won't validate, but it will finally load in under a minute in most of the browsers people use today.

    Add another year of this. Then buy $300 worth of books on building a web site (code only, of course), whilst neglecting interaction design, user focus, business strategy, marketing, or writing and copywriting. ...The site now validates. ...Nobody cares.

    Figure out the cost of an identical purchase of books on marketing, copywriting, business strategy, design and interaction design would total several thousands of dollars.

    It's at this time most decide to provide their immense boatload of experience as a web developer to clueless clients who think a web site for pennies is a bargain. (Saving all that money on business books and human factors design)

    And about five years from now, remember the one post that you vowed never to follow. And then Hire ...Hire ...Hire ...Hire ...Hire.

    I don't know if that is the best way. But it seems the way a whole lot of people choose.
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    That is a huge question. A web site can consist of many many components - images, text, programming languages, colour, etc. To try to explain what is needed in a few lines is nearly impossible. Learn xhtml and css is a start.

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    Website are useful for expressing personal opinions such as providing the latest news and interacting with your visitors. New content must frequently be added to retain your visitors. If you don’t do this your site will be abandoned and join the large number of dead blogs on the net. Clarify the purpose of your online business before you build a blog or static website and you’ll avoid the common pitfalls.

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