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Thread: In need of some critique: Webcomic Homepage

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    In need of some critique: Webcomic Homepage

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to these forums so I hope I follow all the guidelines correctly. A friend of mine and I have started a webcomic (manga to be exact) about three months ago on DeviantArt and we believed it was time to build an official website for it.
    So, before I link the webpage to ask you nice folks for a critique, here is who was responsible for everything:
    - Arseniquez does the Illustrations of the comic and the two figures in the BG of the website
    - I designed the entire website, build every icon, logo etc. and do the storyboards for the comic
    - Tim Harding (from 2P!Start) did the coding for the website, so that it's an actually functional website online

    Here is the link:

    I'm looking forward to the response(s).

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    Everything just seems a little too large

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    I agree, it is very wide; not everyone is fortunate to have widescreen or 19" plus yet.
    Also the logo/nav is huge, but the bit underneath "Manga Format" and "right to left" is almost unreadable - oh and this could be real text instead of an image.

    There seems to be a lot of white space in the footer area, and those arrows are huuge!

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    I agree with the above posters; try to size everything down a bit. Especially the nav menu text.

    The background image (the two characters in full color) are extremely distracting and create a lot of noise in general. Try graying the entire image so you can still see the colors but they're a lot less powerful.

    Consider taking away the dark box under the title and making the text plain black.

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