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Thread: Opinions Please ?

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    Opinions Please ?

    Hi all,

    Currently designing a logo for a Marketing agency called Richardson & Lynch. They are wanting a corporate, contemporary and up market design to their logo and branding. If anyone can provide some feedback on this initial logo it would be great to hear.

    Richardson & Lynch


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    Guest Kim's Avatar
    Firstly welcome to the edf forums, I have to save I love the logo, very crisp and professional, would love to see any sketches you have to show how you arrived there, well done

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    Yeah spot on, already looking forward to seeing it on use with some stationery

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    James Jones
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    Can't fault it dude, mint logo

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    Thanks very much guys, appreciate the comments. Will post up some more images as the project progresses. Thanks for the warm welcome

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    Thanks for the comments guys. Will post up some further images as the project progresses. Also thanks for the warm welcome

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    Guest Reemo's Avatar
    Yeah really good and welcome mate

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    Lovely clean work, can't fault it. =]

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