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Thread: How you can create Shadow in Photoshop?

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    How you can create Shadow in Photoshop?

    There are different ways of image shadowing.You can easily create shade of any object in photoshop by reading the following tutorial.To read the tutorial Click here and enjoy!!
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    i didn't see the tutorial, where is that ?
    is it vanished with shadows :D :D

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    There's already a shadow filter in PS....
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    FX > Drop Shadow > SORTED!

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    PS comes with create shadow....

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    The standard drop shadow in photoshop is very limited and unrealistic. I make my own with adjustment layers (curves and levels) with a layer mask and blur.
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    I found this useful link that provides details about applying shadow to objects and characters in animation. Find out on Barvilleguide

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    The easiest method i use is selecting the object and then invert the selection and skew it according to the light source. Then i create a new layer and fill it with black and then decrease the opacity as required. Then with a soft brush to finish it up. The Drop Shadow feature is VERY limited.

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