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    Giving away more than 1000 free istock credits, only for non existing istock customers


    Hi all,
    Changed my istockphoto user name and giving away more than 100 "10 free credit codes" that are on my old business cards.

    • 10 credits per applicant
    • Only for non-existing istockphoto customers.
    • Only if you are planning to buy credits within a week of opening an Istockphoto account.

    Apply here;

    Last edited by fotoIE; 25-07-2011 at 11:42 PM.

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    Hello ! I'm new here! Nice to meet you!

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    i have about 40 more codes left, if anyone is interested let me know..

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    I'm interested in some free credits! Contact at kiddo.3@hotmail.com

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    Hi fotoIE,

    In need of a photo from Istock (15/20 credits needed), so if you have some to give I would be very grateful!
    you can email me at info [at] hotspotdesign.nl

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    I'm interested in some free credits very much ! please contact me vickiehoo11@gmail.com

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    tried voting for your pics but didn't succeed
    please send me credits to

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    Last 40


    Last 40 codes left... if interested.. hurry.....
    Plus Istock is giving 10 free credits when you buy 26 credits at the moment, so 20 free credits for buying 26 credits.

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