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Thread: My new Portfolio! (Thrown together because I just found out I'm losing my Job!)

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    My new Portfolio! (Thrown together because I just found out I'm losing my Job!)

    I just found out in the past couple weeks that I am going to be laid off on May 14th. So I am getting my resume and portfolio site updated.

    Could you please take a peek at the new portfolio site and give me your thoughts...

    I'm about done with it in terms of an initial run... I now feel comfortable sending it to HR Managers and Recruiters. But now I want to take some time to polish it off with a few extra features. I also need to eliminate some of the examples as I have too many. I'm considering doing a couple case studies as well as adding some logo design and photography.

    Don't worry about the validation... there is something with the way my host has my site set up... but it's FREE so I'm not too worried about it for now.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    sorry about the job loss, site looks ok, some of what you offer and have done looks fairly good work thats a big plus... at the moment without a long look the one thing i would change is new windows every time i click something its very annoying. im sure others will help on extras and design better than advice i could give to help.
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    I'm confused as to why the entire thing is in a frame? It is coming from another site? Even the code inside the frame is not that great. Design wise it is pretty good, I don't really care for the mark or typeface selections. The navigation bar is alright, not sure if it was intended to have more height than the actual buttons?

    Sorry to hear about the job loss, at least you were fortunate enough to know in advance. Best of luck to you in finding employment.

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