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Thread: Logosauce, Logosauce, Logosauce?

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    James Jones
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    How did software engineers arise

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    hmmm another cryptic Tommylogicism

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    That's nice way to put it I'm sure he'll copyright that

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    Ok.. simplified..
    If you want to know how ketchup is made, you ask the guy who made it..

    .. but if you want to know how it tastes you ask the person who buys it

    the whole concept of "rating" work and getting credits for it is rediculous because it is a totally subjective position. Of course designers have an opinion on the subjective idea of what "looks" good.
    ..but in the end the only true critic who matters is the person who is willing to pay for that service.

    The logic involved is one of understanding and reason of human nature.. artists in general need to feel appreciated.. or more importantly have people tell them their work is "pretty". So they often subject themselves to that environment trying to get work displayed somewhere and having someone comment on it.
    I would rather look at it like a stripper.. dont tell me how pretty I am.. put your dollar on the table and I'll KNOW what you think.
    So if you wanted to pimp out some work.. put up a site where people can donate a penny a click to tell you how pretty it is. Otherwise post it in here and designers can tell you where it is wrong "technically"

    aka Tommy Logic ™ :: Web Design :: Digital Business Solutions (like branding and systems integration and shit like that)

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