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Thread: Need a critique on my Wind Energy Brochure

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    For your next project, remember that sans serif fonts are not easy on the eyes for large amounts of text... you might want to choose a serif font for better readability.

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    Sans serif fonts are actually fine in short spurts or as bullet points. I just think the references are too large a font. I would have also put the main headlines closer to the left side to get the reader thinking before the bullet points are presented. Otherwise the photos have no purpose because the eye automatically reads the bullet points first. The photos should have had a bigger supporting role.
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    I would have recommended more space between the headings and the bullet points...

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    I think the blue wouldn't come off very well in a printed brochure. There's also not a whole lot of flow. The titles should stand out a bit more maybe.
    How is the folding scheme gonna work?

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