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Thread: Stained Glass Website Backgrounds

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    Stained Glass Website Backgrounds

    Hi all... I am new here. I found the forum looking for web design related info.
    I read some threads about critique and felt if I want to get opinions from others who share my interests this would be the place.

    To get to the point... I started creating tiled web page backgrounds from stained glass windows I have made in the past and from others who gave permission.

    Please give me your honest opinion on them...
    Thanks a bunch in advance, Gary. - Stained Glass Backgrounds

    Here's one of my favorites (just made the other day). - Midnight Blue

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    I think when they are used correctly, they could be a nice background. I would caution their use because they can become very busy and distracting. Perhaps as part of a background (i.e. for a window in a stone wall, etc) they might be more fitting.

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    I show how a golden font works really nice along with images with transparent backgrounds on my website.
    Maybe iframes would work here? I made an example table to cover most.
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    Just wondering why ask for website critique if the hyperlink is removed. Not trying to be a wise guy rather a bit puzzled.
    I am not an advocate of spam...

    I found another solution to show how fonts look.
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    I removed the link (much like the one in yours) because you need to have a certain post count before links are allowed. We do this to prevent people from just coming to plug their site and then leaving shortly after. It happens all the time, and we are trying to cut down on it because this forum in particular is highly ranked. The higher the rank of a site that links to your own, the more importance, or weight, it will have in SEO. So if you come here and post a bunch of links, Google and other SEs will think your site must have some great content.

    That isn't the purpose of this forum and if there is too much of that, it can actually negatively affect this site, and consequently, every site this site may link to. So we try to keep links to stuff that truly needs to be linked.

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    This forum is only a PR 3 so I wouldn't be too concerned with SEO issues.

    I am here asking for serious critique hence the forum subject title and felt I would get some serious responses. Being a enthusiastic but novice graphic artist as well as a very respected stained glass artist and craftsman I welcome all critique.
    I am also aware of some folks that use forums to self promote (spam). My intentions are not so.

    On the links "stuff" your point is valid if the links point to non-relevant websites say someone linking to surfboarding etc...
    I will however honor your decisions but will ask... At what point or post count grants one permission to add a link?

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    It didn't take me long to find a commercial website promoted here>

    Why has that been allowed to remain? The poster only has 7 posts and joined this month.

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    It has been removed. If you have an issue please PM a mod next time with your concerns. We do our best to regulate, we do have other things on our mind, and other things to do so some things do not get caught.

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