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Thread: Graphic designer System( PC/MAC) Configuration

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    Graphic designer System( PC/MAC) Configuration

    Hi Friends and fellow designers,

    I'm gonna setup a complete complete graphic designer PC in my small graphic studio so i would like to know the good system configuration and your present system configuration.

    My present situation is to go for a PC ( Mac perhaps in future but keen to know a good one for graphic designers) I understand GD's PC should be fast and efficiency.

    My present system is

    Processor : Intel core 2Quad 2.33ghz Q800
    Ram : 4GB (since OS is 32bit only 3 GB is in use)
    Moniter: Sumsung 18.5"
    Microsoft key board and mouse
    Samsung DVD writer

    what is your present and recommend configuration for a graphic designer?

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    Well my guess is this thread will be moved to the PC help forum (possibly). Anyways, here is my system.

    Core Components:
    Intel Core i7 1366 @ 2.67Ghz
    12GB DDR3 Tri-Channel 1366Mhz RAM
    Windows 7

    2x74GB 10,000RPM WD Raptor HD (RAID 0)
    Various other HDs for storage, totaling ~ 460GB

    Nvidia GeForce 285GTX 768MB GDDR
    1x24" Dell 2408WFP
    1x28" Hanns-G Monitor

    Logitech G9 Laser Mouse
    Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
    Wacom Graphire3 5"x6" Tablet

    From what you listed, the biggest thing would be to get a 64-bit OS so you can get access to the remaining 1GB, and if possible, add more. RAM is probably the biggest factor in overall speed. The other thing you can look into is getting a Solid State hard drive. They are extremely fast, but expensive. I would get the Intel X-25M or just wait. None of the toher SSD's on the market right now are worth it. A bigger monitor with high resolution might also help, but you have to make sure your graphics card can handle the increased resolution. A lot of 24" monitors now only support 1080 which is actually LOW resolution (despite it being high-def). You would want something that is 1920x1600 in a 24" size.

    I've built this system over the course of several years. I also want to note that I have a 1TB network drive for backup purposes. All of your work needs to be backed up on a regular basis (1xweek for me).

    That being said, what I have costs way more than what you probably need. Look into the new 27" iMac computers. They are nice, have a big screen and honestly, between Windows 7 and OSX Snow Leapord (I use both), OSX handles the larger files sizes better. I have Mac Book Pro for work and I must say I enjoy working in OSX, but it took me about 1-2 weeks to become comfortable.

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