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    Logo Suggestions

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with some suggestions of what to do with this logo:

    Click for large

    Its a great drawing, an artist did it for me, but it just doesnt look like a professional logo. Im no graphic designer, but I give it a go... but I just can't think what to do with this in terms of colours, background, and how to make it look more professional... Any suggestions would be massively appriciated!

    PS. Here is the original the drawing was based on:

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    The stuff flying out of the book and the scratchy edge to the text are two things that immediately grab my attention. Perhaps some attention to those might help it out...

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    Without a project description it's kinda hard to comment the logo itself. From a design point of view, I have a few comments.

    I would have someone trace the image in Illustrator, to get some antialiasing (line smoothing) on the lines. Either that, or go for a more hand drawn look - right now it has a very MS Paint look about it.
    I'm not a huge fan of anime characters, but I guess that's just a matter of taste.
    The objects flying out of the book (turtle etc) could be more interesting.

    As for logo, to me it seems more like an illustration, to be used as a logo (again, depending on your project) it will probably need to be simplified. Also, the typing is not the best I've seen, it ruined it a bit for me.

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    Hey, thanks for the feedback! So basically, the logo is for a weekly comedy podcast, so it's meant to look fun and silly, but also look a bit more professional, to make the design stand out, plus it will be used on t shirts, badges etc. I think the ms paint look is what I'm concerned about really, And what I want to get away from.

    The picture with the space background and the photo is what we are currently using as a logo, but I'm looking to replace it with the new amine version when it looks a bit better!

    Doing the lines illustrator is probably a good idea.. (this is the sort of thing i'd hoped the artist would do, but never mind, I'll give it a go!)

    any more tips or recomendations you might have about how to make it look better would be great!

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    The best thing that you should keep in mind that your logo should reflect the products and services of the company, it means any one can get a clear idea about the products and about that company by just looking at the logo of that company...

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    Just a quick thought on my way out of the office - maybe you should mirror the gradient in the character's faces so that the light is coming from the book?

    plus it will be used on t shirts, badges etc
    This is definitely another reason to vectorize it (tracing in illustrator) if it hasn't been done. It'll make it much easier to use on all kinds of print jobs, especially if you want to enlarge it.

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