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Thread: My business card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonized View Post
    Oh man...I mean girl, my logo represents the color of our will i make it mono?
    Well, a logo should be able to be used in mono.
    I understand you are patriotic, but you're presenting yourself and your services, not your country...
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    HUA...heard understood and acknowledged.
    Life is history in the making..and vice-versa.

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    Read this business cards guide -, it is possible after that you can make even more qualitative business card.
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    Business Card updated!
    Life is history in the making..and vice-versa.

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    Thanks ces, ill read on them. Seriously
    Life is history in the making..and vice-versa.

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    ok ces, those were really inspiring i think I'll remake mine again.
    Life is history in the making..and vice-versa.

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