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Thread: Critque needed on new site!

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    I agree with blueocto regarding making the text perhaps go around the image rather than being under it, and I would also do something similiar with the "bridal" page.

    I also don't like the buttons on the contact page, the text is too big and I don't like the fact it's purple and the buttons themselves should be different colours to the form fields. I would also remove her email address "as is" on the website and have it generated via JavaScript, on am image, or at best using ASCII codes so there's less of a chance of it getting picked up for spamming.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your feedback..

    Firstly I appreciate your comments on the code and all its flaws, but im just concentrating on getting design right for now.. and then im gonna attack the code!! - It will be cleaned up..

    The photo at the top on the header is being changed.. hunting for a more suitable one at the moment.

    Decided to go with the text wrap around the main image instead of center align..

    'scrollbar styling' - gone, decided it looked a bit dated..

    Definately changing the buttons on the contact form - advise noted iandevlin.

    @fear2670 thanks for the apology, much appreciated.

    Few other fixes in mind, will post the updated version when I get round to it- but bit of a slow process as im doing this in my spare time.

    Thanks again,


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    Another Question..

    With a pic on the header Anne Hutton Make-Up Artist
    ..or without Anne Hutton Make-Up Artist

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    2 Suggestions.

    1 - use Header tags (H1 and H2) - purely for SEO.
    2 - I would suggest making the main content area a 2 column layout with contact info on every page as well as thumbnails from the gallery. Just a way to add a bit more to each page with giving the viewer as many option per page without adding another click for them.

    Other than that its a nice (albeit very) clean layout and if your client is happy then kudos.

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