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Thread: any suggestions on improving web portfolio?

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    any suggestions on improving web portfolio?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Two things I notice right off the bat:

    I'm using 1680x1050 resolution and I see a very stark seam in the background directly to the right of the main content section. I love the background you used but that seam's got to go.

    Second thing - how does anyone contact you?

    EDIT: Also, your web design link at the bottom isn't a live link. It should be for ease of viewing.
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    oh yeah? hahaha. i'm so dumb. i'll fix the contact now

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    Obfuscate your email address before the spambot address harvesters get hold of it.

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    Nice layout with attractive banner image.Just give some color to the link on bottom.It is fine with design but the site takes long time to load completely.

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    I like your header. It's a bit tall for my taste and overshadows your content a bit.

    I'd add a lightbox to display your full images and add a screenshot thumbnail for your web design example.

    You can obfuscate your email address and still keep a live link by replacing both @'s with & #64; (removing the space between & and #).

    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by likethegoddess View Post
    You can obfuscate your email address and still keep a live link by replacing both @'s with & #64; (removing the space between & and #).
    That won't stop an address harvester bot. Nor will using the word 'at' and 'dot'. These bot's are much too sophisticated for that. You can use an image, but make sure that you use a font that isn't easily OCR'ed, because some bot's can handle that as well.

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