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Thread: Interactive Poster responds to people looking at it

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    Interactive Poster responds to people looking at it

    Interesting concept.
    1. When no one was looking directly at the poster, it displayed a typical scene of domestic violence.
    2. The "eye tracking" camera registered when people looked directly at the poster.
    3. When a passer-by looked at the poster directly, the image changed (after a short, programmed delay) into a photo of the same couple pretending to be happy.

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    I really love this. But surely, it could be programmed for more than just simple facial recognition. Hell, I want to make random strangers in an airport terminal break into "Y.M.C.A." for the pablum that is a slide transition just for the sheer fun of it!

    Unfortunately, I can see whole metrics being deployed to count the number of 'views' a poster gets- then some crazy billing method- then the one rich asshole who's poster gets placed in a bus depot opposite a covergirl ad...

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    Can you imagine how many of those things would be stolen by geeks if they existed all over the place.
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    If you look behind the sign you can see that the husband is only protecting his wife from an axe wielding midget!
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    i love this.

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