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Thread: Five reasons to turn down a potential client

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    Five reasons to turn down a potential client

    Five reasons to turn down a potential client

    Iíve been through my fair share of clients, well over a hundred successful transactions in the past two years for that matter, and Iíve come to know when a project is worth taking on or not. As a freelance designer, I know that time was of utmost importance. Knowing when to drop a potential project can mean hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars, not to mention precious time. Now, I share my knowledge with you! Hereís some situations I suggest Iíve been faced with that I suggest you try to avoid:

    * I donít have any money, but this will get you some great exposure! Heard this before, and 9 times out of 10, thatís complete and utter bull****. Unless you have some hard evidence that your clientís project will, without a doubt, succeed, then donít give in to this kind of ploy. Clientís that tell you this are generally just looking for some free design work and arenít worth your time. However, there are certain times when some back-links are worth your time. For example, letís say that your client owns a site that sells non-unique Wordpress themes. Your client comes to you looking for a Wordpress design to add to their inventory, but doesnít have any cash on hand and offers a link to your site in the footer of the theme. This could potentially be very profitable for you, providing that people buy the theme and that the people who buy it actually have some decent traffic. On the other hand, this could prove to be pretty pointless; if the only people that use your theme own blogs about gardening, chances are no oneís going to be clicking the ďdesigned byĒ link you so graciously accepted as payment for the design. Use your brain in this situation and evaluate how much exposure youíll actually be getting.
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    Interesting read and find there Toon...
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    I've ever posted this but...

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    excellent Davidoff! and that's great tips toon

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    ROFLed @ that small animation. That was funny.

    And I totally agree with those tips. I don't really have much experience in free-lancing...but well... Cool!

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    James Jones
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    love the cartoon

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