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    Which swatch library in Illustrator is the shiny colors?

    Need Help - Business card on a back blackground with the logo and text on a shiny or sparkling grey color, you know the one im talking about? its like glittered or something, is it metallic?
    Last edited by Toon; 03-09-2010 at 02:54 PM.

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    pls help anyone, i really need to get this done today, is it pantone metallic coated? it looks like silver
    Last edited by Dolche; 28-01-2009 at 09:25 PM.

  3. #3
    hmmm, im not sure but i would geuss its a print effect rather than an actual illustrator colour.

  4. #4
    really? so should i just tell the client to show the color to the printer?

    the color looks exactly like this one http://www.accurateimageinc.com/imag...allic8886z.gif

    need help asap pls, i need to work on this today
    Last edited by Dolche; 28-01-2009 at 09:55 PM.

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    Illustrator can't make something print off shiney or glittery, although maybe with the right technique it could give a similar impression.

    I wouldn't know how to give the similar impression in illustrator though, sorry.

  6. #6
    so do you think he can just show the effect to the printer and they can sort it out?

  7. #7
    Speak to the client about it.
    Or you can wait about and see if anyone else has any thoughts about it.

  8. #8
    theres really nothing else to talk to with the client, he just wants it like that.
    this is like due today :(

    dunno what im gonna do

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