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Thread: Freelance Pricing Help

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    Freelance Pricing Help

    I'm a graphic designer who is starting out in the freelancing field and need someone to guide me through the pricing. I got a project for designing 50 headers- simple headers, mostly just text- and was wondering how much I should charge them.

    And also I would like to know how much one should charge for a single page web 2.0 website design - just the psd layout and graphics not HTML or CSS. An average figure or range would be enough cause I have no idea about the industry standards.

    Any help will be really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    To be honest, there is no industry standards.

    I believe most form a quotation on the estimated time x hourly rate.
    You can calculate your hourly based on things such as expenses and overheads.

    Try Pricing A Project | Blue Flavor
    Alternatively try searching the forum as this has been asked several times before

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    You may not realise as a new freelancer, but a good 50% of your time will be taken up by invoicing, quoting, customer communications and marketing your business (or it should be anyway if you want to have consistent work rolling through the door and to keep your customers happy).

    Therefore to take into account that you will only be designing 50% of your time a good way of deciding your pricing structure is to decide first of all what you want to earn as an hourly rate.

    Now X that figure by 2, because remember you'll only be designing 50% of the time. Then think about what you are quoting for and estimate as best as you can how long you think it will take you complete that task.

    Decide whether you are including revisions in your price, or if you are charging extra for them in your quotation terms and conditions.

    Once you have an estimate of how long a task may take you, you can x that by your hourly rate (the hourly rate you had doubled, not the initial hourly rate).

    That is your pricing. As time goes on your estimation of how long it takes to complete tasks and what level of revisions you can expect will improve with experience, hence your pricing will evolve and become more accurate over time.

    If you price using a basic hourly rate of what you want to earn as a worker only and work say a 40hour week. You will only be earning 20hours of that time ... thus will only earn a yearly part time wage.

    This is why you need to double the hourly rate charge you base your pricing on - you cannot use the same hourly rate as a employee, unlike an employee you won't be designing 40hours a week, you'll be designing half the time.

    Hope that makes sense!


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    Thanks a lot everybody..You all have been a big help... :smile:

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