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    What's your ideal graphic design magazine?


    I'm setting up a new graphic design magazine, and I'd really like your thoughts on how to make it a really useful product that you just can't live without!

    I've got a team of professional magazine people ready, and the necessary investment, so it's a serious project.

    So, how do you rate the current magazines? Creative Review, Grafik, Eye, FX, Circa, Lurzers International Archive, etc.

    What do you like about them, and what do you dislike?

    What things would you like to see in a truly great design magazine?

    Do you even read design magazines now, or do you just look at the web?

    And do you keep your back-issues, or throw them away when you're done?

    Thanks a lot,

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    If you're making a mag aimed at designers it's gonna have to have spectacular design. When I buy a mag I flick through and look at all the pictures then go back and read the articles.

    I keep back issues but I'm a hoarder

    *edit* My 666 post!!!! Mwah ha ha haaaa

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    Girls in bikinis also help
    Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. (George Carlin)

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    I keep all my designs magazines.

    To be honest, it has to be a balance of great work, inspiration and articles all at a 'magazine' price. Sorry but those that are touching £7+ are reaching book territory.
    Richard Gray
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    I've never actually read a design magazine ( i really should start )

    What i would like to see is lots of images for inspiration in many graphic design fields, interesting articles and interviews with top and up and coming designers. I know that isn't really much help, pretty standard

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    I'm with the bikini suggestion

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    Thanks for those replies, there's some useful stuff there. I'm sure we can always do a Bikini Design Special at some point. Probably in issue 1. And in issue 2. Etc.


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