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Thread: Open-source CMS suggestions?

  1. #17 is where all the info/resources are. i would recommend it!

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    I just found this one called it looks like it's worth checking out as well.

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    Wordpress with Lightbox for the image enlargements is a powerful combo imho. Example of this on my design site.

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    I've also used Joomla, and I'm happy with it.
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    Just finished setting up a customer with Joomla. The thing I like about Joomla is the number of extensions available for it is quite extensive. Also, If I wasn't creating a custom template from scratch (for the first time) for it I would have enjoyed the whole Joomla experience a lot more.

    I do fancy WP and am using it in my current blog project.

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    wordpress if i look at your question: manage your own site
    a CSM implies several users: and i think joomla is best for that

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    Drupal is great for a site like this. You can set up unlimited depths of categories/subcategories. I only use Joomla if I know I'll be setting up a shopping cart with a buttload of products, but I have recently used Drupal to do so and think I will continue to do so exclusively.
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