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Thread: Open-source CMS suggestions?

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    Open-source CMS suggestions?

    Hey everyone,
    Primarily, I'm a print designer, but I'm comfortable with basic xhtml, css, and a little php. I'm trying to find a content management system that is easy to set-up and fully customize. What I want is a nice backbone that can help me manage my portfolio entries. Here's an outline:

    3-4 Thumbnails + Description
    Higher resolution detail shots
    I'm looking to manage the content so that I can change the design using css+xhtml+images without redesigning the whole site. I've also seen agencies tagging their entires, so that they show up in more than one category. For example, a complete package design would show up under the logos as well as packaging categories. Changing or adding categories would be a breeze using this method.

    I've been recommended joomla, but does anyone know of a CMS made specifically for portfolios?

    Pardon me if this has been posted before, but I tried searching for this with no avail. I've been trying to build my online portfolio for quite some time, and after creating a functional gallery script in PHP, I'm starting to realize that it would take way too much time for me to do this entirely on my own.


    I'm aware of sites such as flickr, coroflot, behance, deviantart, etc. I'm looking to build a personal portfolio. I've had my own domain for the longest time, with just a splash page. It's time I got this done.

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    Wordpress is always a good option

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    Ah, I hadn't really looked into wordpress. Looks like you can do quite a bit of customization with it. Doesn't look as complicated as joomla either. I'll keep googling tutorials on how to get started. If anyone knows of any good links to get me up and running quickly, please feel free to post them!

    Thanks Toon!

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    whoops. time to close my google tabs and check these suckers out! Thanks again Toon!

    You're not a quitter. Being as busy as I am, I completely understand! In the end, you've achieved your goal of putting your own work out there and letting that speak for itself. I think I'll eventually have to find a layout that I like and replace the graphics to my own taste.

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    you could also try elxis - Elxis CMS - Open Source - I set up a template for a site the other week and It was pretty straight forward, I don't think its specifically for portfolios but it has one of the best seo features around

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    You can't go wrong with Frog CMS.

    It's super fast, easy to use, easy to customize, and has a great responsive community.

    It also has the tagging support that you're looking for.

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    I'll suggest WordPress as well. It's well-established, stable, and has a great support community, should you need it. Lots of themes and plugs-ins, too, if you want to go that way.

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