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    I like the first version of your Q a lot more. Let us know when this becomes available for download. I'd love to you use it and give you credit.

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    Feb 2007

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    Nice stuff. will certainly be having a play with this when I get a chance... I am guessing you've held the dotted version back for a pro version - or for as a single buy add on?
    Richard Gray
    zumojuice | Facebook | Twitter

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    I held it back because it is quite f*cked. I'll certainly have it done too when i have the time. Too much stuff on my desk right now.

    Anyway, enjoy quicksand and let me know what you came up with it.

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    Heather1981's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    United Kingdom (Hope I'm welcome)
    Looks great can't wait to find a use for it

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    PKV///Designs's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Nieuwleusen, Netherlands
    I love the font very slick and nice! will use this one for sure.. tnx!!

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    hey alien, do you have a personal website? I'd like to show your work to my design teachers. I really like your work so far, thought i'd spread the word. And most importantly thank you for the link!

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    Guys, I made ILT. Didn't expect that. Woohoo..

    Sunday Type: inspiringtype | i love typography, the typography and fonts blog

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