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    Pics on portfolio...

    Hey everyone :D

    I was just thinking about the pros and cons of putting a photo of yourself on your portfolio site.
    I kinda feel like it shows a lot more commitment that you would put your face right on there, because it's so easy to set up a portfolio site and not even have your real name on it, and get away with doing shabby work and ripping people off!

    I'd love to know other peoples opinions on this :D

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    i'm not sure if it makes a real difference. On my website i just have an illustrated puppet which looks like me, but no real picture of myself. it even happens that i work on projects from other countries and people never get to see me. I think it's more a personal decision if you want to put a picture on or not. sometimes it's even a bad idea. i've seen a lot of websites with crazy pictures of (most probably) crazy designers, but i am not sure if it's appealing to possible clients.

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    If you're going to do it, do it right. Make sure you use a photograph that is of a professional standard. A poor quality photograph would be worse than none at all.

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    Well, If your a model.. do it. Its what your selling. I dont really feel anyone should do it if its not directly related to what your providing. I think you end up setting yourself up to be judged on your appearance, rather then your work.
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    I like to see them on blogs so you know who you're chatting to

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