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Thread: Need to print 2 images - front and back of page

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    Need to print 2 images - front and back of page

    If anyone knows this please call or email me!

    I have been reading for HOURS ;(

    I need to print for a client multiple pages. It is actually a front and a back image - I created them and saved them as .tif files, and now I need to print it. Ihave a nice xerox 7655 huge printer, that I am using at their office.

    I have printed lots of stuff- just never multiple pages or front and back automatically - without one side at a time before lol

    If you know - and can help - TIAVM!!!!
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    Put your tifs into indesign (or quark ), go to print and there should be a sequence drop down menu, choose even pages only, print your pages, re load the pages into the printer, go print, choose odd pages only in the sequence drop down menu and print again. I usually grab the fist page in the printer and put a little x in one corner and print a test to see which side the printer prints to.

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    should just be in the printer settings if its possible to do it.
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    Thanks - I do not have indesign - but will look for it and try it -

    I have PAint Shop Pro 8 and Adobe CS2 - but could NOT figure it out with either of those! ugh~

    no it is not in the printer settings - got to put it in a program first

    Thanks much!

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    InDesign is part of the Adobe CS2 Suite...

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    oh - duh! lol

    Thanks - I have only used photoshop in it - I am trying that tomorrow with it - thank you

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