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Thread: What Colors Would Compliment Purple?

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    What Colors Would Compliment Purple?

    I'm designing a site which is centered around a purple color scheme, so I was wondering what other colors would compliment this sort of color scheme?

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    Agrre with Toon, maybe this will help [ws] Color Scheme Generator 2
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    Yeah or try Kuler


    Usually some really nice schemes there also

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    Be careful with your purple/yellow - they go well together but can be also go horribly wrong. I'd suggest you use purple with a few tints as your main colours and yellow as a light highlight colour.
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    I would go with monochromatic color scheme with a light tint of yellow. Use yellow as an accent color to draw focus to things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldWelshGuy View Post
    Agrre with Toon, maybe this will help [ws] Color Scheme Generator 2
    This is a great tool. Just click on 'enter RGB' and enter in the hex code for the shade of purple you want to use. The click on Mono, Contrast, Tetrad, etc. to find out what colors complement it the best.

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    purple is a very delicate color, you can try pulling it off using black or white..

    try using black and white gradient and it would give the purple a more "Royal" look
    try to avoid bright colors

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