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Thread: i'm back

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    i'm back

    I forgotten my pasword of my emailadres, i had to make a new one....

    Below a link to my site (that is almost finniched now....)
    Please add some critics...
    I wonder what you think of it...

    ARTUEL creative advertising

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    I like the look of it but I don't like it moving made me feel a little motion sick

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    It uses no CSS, or text. All images and tables.

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    ^its flash?

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    Yes, it is flash... what do you think?
    you can be honest

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    I really like the colours and the logo, but the text looks too bitmapped for it to be a nice read

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    I really love your logo and the general design of the site!
    The moving is a nice idea, but at least for me, it was really jerky, so it wasn't nice to look at.

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    I do not like the movement of you site. It would be better if you place your pointer in the top part of the portfolio then the movement of it will be faster.

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