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Thread: New website for company, I need opinions

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    New website for company, I need opinions

    Alright, well I've designed a new website for my company and would like opinions.

    Please note it is not 100% complete as we are still adding content and tweaking the css to get the theme just right.

    Any suggestions on the theme would be great as well as the overall design would be very much appreciated.

    It is XHTML and CSS valid (or will be when it gets moved live, the CSS fails currently because of an incorrect URL path which will be correct upon moving it live).

    URL: Home

    P.S. - I know it doesn't render well in IE6, we are working on getting that fixed, but it does render correctly in IE7, IE8, FF2, FF3, Safari, and Opera to my knowledge.

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    The two thing I spotted at first was the default blue lines around the icons look very odd and there's a few padding issues, space things out a little better for the readers sake.

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    Second the above,

    Blue Links around icons and more white space.
    Apart from that it's looking good, just fixing those small things will make a huge difference on first appearances.

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    I love the texture on the banner and footer.

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    Hey all, thanks for the input. Those icons won't actually show up on the full production website. I hope to have it done by tomorrow (though I'm very busy right now, my car died and I need a new one).

    Thanks for the feed back thus far! Any other comments are more than welcome!

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    As you have already been advised about spacing things to make it easy to read, here is some interesting guidance:
    960 Grid System


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    all of the above.. plus it doesnt validate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acuity View Post
    all of the above.. plus it doesnt validate
    Currently I know it doesn't validate. It will when it is live. The footer defines a "current" class which was already defined. I am creating a module for the footer but temporarily it repeats another module which is what causes this error.

    The CSS path that the CSS Validator is looking for doesn't exist right now but when I move the site live, it will exist, so that error will be taken care of as well.

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