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Thread: Working on a new site for a client

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    Working on a new site for a client

    Hi from Kansas. Well I'm currently working on a site for a client. She was very particular about the layout that she wanted, with the banner down the left and the name of her farm.

    I tried my best to incorporate her criteria while still making it look good. I'm up for some feedback from you guys.


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    Generaly is ok , but try to change the background.
    Alexandru Petcu

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    Guest jkinz's Avatar
    Wow it feels good to get back to these forums.

    Anyways, I agree I don't really care for the crackled paint look in the background. Also the black text on the banner makes it seem really heavy and just sort of "blah". Perhaps re-do that and use the banner as the background for that entire column so it fills from top to bottom (and then goes to a complimentary color when the page gets longer?).

    Try adding some other colors to get more pop out of the page. It may help set certain parts of the page apart from the others.

    Overall I like the design though (I'm not a big fan of the blue, that's a personal opinion though). It is simple and clean.

    Just my two cents.

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    Over all it is simple clean and does the job.

    I think that you could shift your focus of the design to be more FARM related, I know it may not be what you or the client want, but at the same time, I see your design and I think that it should be some sort of electronics company. Try making some choices for the design based on the feel of the business, and the environment, not necessarily on what the clients thinks they want.

    Having said that It does the job, and if thats all it needs, then Job well done.
    This is simply my opinion...

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    I don't really like the banner down the side although i know its the clients choice, for one, when the page loads it doesn't make any sense what it is, i don't know if reversing the lettering so it starts Praire Wind Farms decending down instead of farm being the first thing i see, also you could have the lettering cascading down Praire Wind Farm but the right way up and not on its side?

    Just a few ideas...

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    I did a little thing is PS for you to maybe go by. These are some of the changes i would make on the home page.

    I to agree maybe the blue isnt the best choice of colors for a farm, and the background is a bit weak. But if you have only just started doing web design, well done :smile:
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'll keep working on the site to make it look good, yet meet the client's specifications. I really appreciate your input.

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