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Thread: New Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    New Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everybody!! I'm new here and I'd like to share my band with you, we are The DefROCKed Nuns and we hop you enjoy our music.

    Our Myspace: - The DefROCKed Nuns - UK - Rock / Metal / Acoustic -

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    f*ck yeah it validates!! tommylogic's Avatar
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    Yep.. welcome to the forums

    ( I didn't even know we had a Band Promotion spot.. holy crap, I really gotta keep up )

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    Band promoters work rigorously on band promotion and promoting your music. However, most of the time new and unsigned bands simply don't have the funds to hire a band manager or a band promoter. But don't fret, this post will give you some promotion tips that you can begin to implement almost immediately.
    1.Be a Blogger 2. Podcast Your Music 3. Submit Your Music To Review Sites

    Since 1998, The Atlas has made it easier for Gigging & Recording Artists, Managers, Labels,Agents, Promoters & other Pros to book more gigs, get more airplay & sell music more successfully.
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    oh very nice.
    I am very interested in playing drum. but i can't play drum well. i wanna be expert in drumming.

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