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    Logo - NetSight

    Hello everybody.
    I'm working at the logo for my website,

    I cannot make a description for yet because I really don't know exactly what it will be. I have a big mess of ideas is my mind right now.

    I said to start with logo, considering that will contain things like web, design, photography, advertising and so on.

    Ok. So I have here some scanned drafts made when I had some ideas.
    I think I want to represent the letters N and S (or the whole name) into a symbol... or something like that.

    You have more experience in logos so I need some opinions, some ideas, which one can became a good logo?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Its had to judge from that because no offence it just looks like some one has written "n n"

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    I think the last one or the third one can be a start...

    At the last one I like that it seems to be a puzzle part. And.. I think it's ok that.

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    The 3rd one looks a bit like an ampersand, and the last one reminds me of the NewBalance logo. I can see what you are trying to do, so keep at it and you'll find something that works. Keep letting those ideas in your head get down on paper, and you'll get it!

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    I'll expand my ideas and come back.

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    This is all fine and good, and I think it's positive you've gone to your paper and pencils rather than your computer..

    You've got some nice shapes coming, though only in development will you get a grasp as to which will look clearly like N S.

    I'd say you need to know what your site is going to be. If you have not got a description or you really are that unsure, it is really going to be a worthwhile entry to cyberspace?
    I imagine you have vague ideas, be it a portfolio, a playground for stuff, a writing blog etc, your interest in x or y. Even if it's your personal vent space, that's a description. Once you've got some of these vitals in place, you'll get it coming to you much easier.

    If for example it was a blog to vent yourself, the s would be vapour from a N, as an ident? if it was about motorsport in your area, the s could be a snaking track. see how the concept feeds the conception process of logo design?
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    First, I want to thank you for reply.

    Well... let's say that it will be something like a design&advertising portal. Portal it's not the perfect word, but it's close.
    From websites, galleries to stock photos, video spots, photographs portfolios, designers, blogs, companies, jobs and so on. Not really a community but something between community and portal.

    That's why I thought the last logo (looking like a puzzle part) could be something. Being filled with more colors (for e.g., like the Photoshop wedge)...

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    mmmm with so many different creative mediums, you're effectively creating a site that can work as both a portfolio and a networking tool yes?

    I'd be careful with shapes and idents in this case, a reel of film and you're going too film-maker, a paintbrush more art, a photo more photography and sooo on.

    With it being what it is, think along the lines of interchange or community (as you've said) - look at sites like theserif ( and it's nice that ( - both are effectively design blogs showcasing nice stuff, both have clean logos with any bias on creative field. The serif actually has a forum behind it too, though you can get to bogged down in detail...

    Of course the key one is behance...
    Richard Gray
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