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Thread: Banner ideas/help

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    Banner ideas/help

    hi all
    i have a problem, i have a website and im not the best graphic designer

    Can someone possibily design me or give me ideas to design a nice graphic banner for this website. It will go just on the left of the "1 user and 0 members online".



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    Ummm few things first: there is a extra space on your 'home' button, so the word is not centred. The scroll bars come weirdly placed in relation to the image?

    Logo-wise...what is the site really about? what's unique about this site? what can I do here and why would I here over elsewhere? What is tabDB and what's that name about? These and many more are the questions you need to ask yourself, because they will help you, or anyone else, design the logo.
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    ok, thank you, i will fix this cheers
    the site is a music site, where users are able to share and upload/download media such as audio, video and images etc of instrumental solos and download music tablature. The name "TabDB" is short for Tab Database "tablature database". Just need some basic graphic techniques and skills i guess..? thanks

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