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Thread: Line breaks in PHP

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    Line breaks in PHP

    Does anyone know how to put line-breaks in PHP content?
    have a Flash contact form that send data to a PHP post script. That then send s the info to an e-mail account, but when it gets there the info doesn't have any breaks.

    Is there a way to put breaks in the content that the e-mail shows? Please help.
    Also, if you could show me an example it would help because Im not to familiar with PHP syntax. Sorry for asking for so much. Please help!

    Thanks much
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    I think it's something like this to force a line feed.

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    If you are using double quotes (") around your body content, you can use \n for a line break. However, if you are using single quotes (') around your body, you can simply enter a line.

    Example (")
    $body = "Line One\nLine Two";
    This would come out as:
    Line One
    Line Two

    Example (')
    $body = 'Line One
    Line Two';
    This would also come out as:
    Line One
    Line Two

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    Line break in PHP

    To create a line break in PHP, all you have to do is put the code


    in the echo statement.

    Check out this tutorial:
    How to Create a Line Break in PHP

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlhylton View Post
    To create a line break in PHP, all you have to do is put the code


    in the echo statement.

    Check out this tutorial:
    How to Create a Line Break in PHP

    depending on the DTD it may need a space/ before the close.

    the real question is if the line break is content or styling... style should always be done with CSS. content should technically be done with p tags.

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    Yes, as said previously the code for a line break is simply \n - an example of this for use in a contact form would be:

    $msg = "Name: ".$_POST["name"]."\n";
    $msg .= "E-Mail: ".$_POST["email"]."\n";
    $msg .= "Comment: ".$_POST["comment"]."\n";
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    Use the nl2br() function which inserts HTML line breaks (<br />) in front of each newline (\n) in a string. Try this function to break a sentences.

    echo nl2br("One line.\nAnother line.");
    One line.
    Another line.
    For more information, look at this:
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