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    Best size for logo in PS?


    When I start doing a logo I usually make it A4 size, what size do you guys do it? What is the standard size for doing a non vector based logo?

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    i always use 500x500 then expend/shrink if required

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    I would suggest that you should decide what is the largest size it might reasonably be used at, for example in vehicle livery, and then double it.

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    If it's vector the size shouldn't really matter too much as you can simply make it bigger to fit any of your needs.

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    mindofmel's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    ^hes askign if designing in PS
    can PS do vecotr - thought it was only pixel

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    PS certainly has the Pen tool. I know the functions are similar but not as good I think. But it certainly is capable of Vector as far as I know.

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    drewbie_wan's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Las Vegas, Nevada


    you wont have nearly as much control.

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