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Thread: Design Portfolio/Personal

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    Design Portfolio/Personal

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and I am also a newbie designer. I studied Fine Art in college, so everything I know about design is pretty much self taught.

    I'm currently working as a production artist, but I'm trying to find a fulltime job in LA and it's proving to be much more difficult than I thought. I would really appreciate it if you guys can critique my online portfolio. I'm not a web-designer and I hate flash sites, so I kept everything relatively simple.

    I would also like some suggestion on whether or not I should display my images differently (light box, etc). I know the "web" section definitely needs some work.

    Blindspot Design

    Thanks in advance.


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    Thumbnails and lightbox all the way I'd say, saves on the scrolling. Nice color style, I like it.

    Welcome aboard Shannon

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    It's nice and clean but I agree with kelly.
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    i actually like the way your portfolio is layed out.

    excellent work btw.

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    Thanks for all the comments. At first I was concerned that it wasn't flashy enough compared to a lot of portfolio sites I've seen. But other than adding thumbnails i think I 'll maintain the current look of the site.

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